The Petticoat Porch - Wicker in Miniature
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The Petticoat Porch offers charming wicker furniture for the discriminating dollhouse and miniature collector. The handcrafted 1:12 scale wicker furniture comes in styles that range from classically simple to ornate Victorian. These fine quality pieces are suitable for interior rooms as well as the porch and gazebo.

Inspiration comes from vintage books and catalogs. A prime source is the 1898-1899 catalog of the Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company. Located here in New England, the company was the country's leading manufacturer of wicker at the turn of the century. Examples of their craftsmanship survive in homes, museums and antique shops throughout our region.

The Petticoat Porch studies full-size pieces that can be adapted to 1:12 scale. A measured drawing is made to scale, a pattern is created and the prototype developed. Each beautifully detailed piece is crafted using wood, wire and waxed cord. The end product is a delightful piece of miniature wicker furniture that will enhance any dollhouse or miniature collection.

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